Ruben Magallanes

Ruben Magallanes

How To Check If A Site Is Secure?

When browsing the internet, you should always be aware of the what site (the URL) you are going to and if it’s using encryption. Below are a couple of things to check when browsing. #1. Check the URL (web address)…

How To Backup Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Backup your IOS (iPhone) or Android phone using the methods below. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch There are two methods you can use to do your backups. iCloud (Apples storage on the internet) or your own computer (Mac or PC). Two…

Windows Update On Windows 10

Keyboard Update Button

Windows Update will automatically install the latest fixes and security improvements to keep your device running smoothly and securely. There are also options to let you decide when and how to get the updates. How to check for updates? 1.…