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We believe information security shouldn’t be a mystery. That’s why Upstart Security creates easy-to-follow guides packed with practical tips and tricks to harden your network defenses. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to shield your data from harm.

We take pride in our dedication to research and integrity. Before recommending any product or service, we meticulously vet it to ensure you receive only the best, most effective, and up-to-date solutions.

About the founder:

My name is Ruben Magallanes, and I’ve spent over 20 years navigating the IT landscape. In recent years, my focus has shifted entirely to network security. Understanding the confusion and frustration that technology can sometimes bring, I founded Upstart Security to bridge the gap for people of all experience levels.

Ruben Magallanes

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Whether you’re a seasoned techie or just starting out, Upstart Security is here to guide you on your journey to a secure and confident digital life.

Or if you have a question about security, email me directly at: ruben@upstartsecurity.com.