BobRTC: The free scambaiting phone service

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Have you ever wanted to call a scammer and waste their time? Tired of those robocalls about your car’s warranty about to expire or the social security administration office is investigating you? Fight back with BobRTC.

BobRTC is a free calling service for people who help fight telephone fraud, illegal robocalls, and other forms of phone scams.

Signing up for BobRTC

You can follow the user guide here. The steps are simple.

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Login With BaitArmy button in the top right corner
  3. Click on the Sign up button
  4. Check the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA and solve the puzzle
  5. Enter your email and new password for your BobRTC account and press Next

At this point, the system will go through a screening process to determine the risk level of accepting your new account. Your account may not be accepted if there are any issues. If you do have an issue, you can email with the email address you used and the team can look into it.

Calling Scammers

BobRTC has a phonebook with a large directory of known scam numbers. You can sort by categories like Tech Support Scams, Refund Scams, Amazon Scams, etc.

You cannot call numbers that are not in the phonebook. BobRTC is only for calling scammers, not for pranks or harassing calls.

There is also a point system called XP (Experience Points). You earn points by the amount of time you stay connected on the call with the scammers. As you earn more points, you gain access to new features, like adding numbers to the phonebook.

How Safe is BobRTC?

It’s pretty safe to use BobRTC for calling scammers. The scammer only sees the random caller ID that gets assigned by the BobRTC phone call. If a scammer is technically savvy (most scammers are dumb) and they know how to get the IP address, they would only see the IP address of BobRTC servers.

The only ones who can see your IP are BobRTC servers, so you have to give some trust there. But since BobRTC is the good guys, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. And for the paranoid, you can always use a VPN before connecting to BobRTC.

DISCLAIMER: Using BobRTC should be done at your own risk. Only use if you completely understand the technology and risks.

Is BobRTC Legal?

Yes, it is legal to call the numbers in the BobRTC phonebook because you are not using “random or sequential number generators” to make the calls. You simply are returning calls, which are exempt from the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule.

BobRTC uses WebRTC-based technology which is also used by others, like TextNow or Google Voice.

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Learn to use BobRTC in 5 Lessons

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BobRTC is a relatively safe tool for you to fight back against scammers by wasting their time. Never give out real information about you.

Use fake name generators for a fake identity to use in your calls. or

Have fun, be safe.

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