Learn to Use BobRTC in 5 Lessons

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BobRTC is a free web-based phone service to call verified scam numbers. It’s all done within a web browser, so it is safe & protects your identity.

Lesson 1 – Creating your Account

You can follow the user guide here. The steps are simple.

  1. Visit https://bobrtc.tel/
  2. Click the Login With BaitArmy button in the top right corner
  3. Click on the Sign up button
  4. Check the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA and solve the puzzle
  5. Enter your email and new password for your BobRTC account and press Next

At this point, the system will go through a screening process to determine the risk level of accepting your new account. Your account may not be accepted if there are any issues. If you do have an issue, you can email bobrtc@protonmail.com with the email address you used and the team can look into it.

Lesson 2 – Learning the Interface

You start off at the phone book of scam numbers. You can call by pressing the handset icon. Once pressed, the number will be dialed. There is additional information about the scam number to give you insight into the scam being used. At the top, you’ll see the number you are dialing, your caller id that the scammer will see, and three buttons to control the call. The three buttons are dial/hangup, mute, and hold.

Lesson 3 – Using Dial Codes

Dial Codes allow you to use Buddies & sound effects. You can see the list of codes you can enter during a call to toggle on & off the buddies or sound effects. These are useful when you are starting out because you can use a Buddie to interact with the scammer. Some of the buddies are convincing and trick the scammer into believing they are talking to a live person.

Lesson 4 – Using Pitch Shift

The Pitch Shift option alters your voice by adjusting the pitch. There are five settings to choose from. Lowest, Low, Normal, High, Highest. You can test how the pitch shift by checking the “Test pitch shift” box. When you make the call with this option selected, it will first hear a beep. You can speak then press the # button to hear the playback with the pitch option you selected. The call will then be placed immediately after the playback.

Lesson 5 – Adjusting Default Settings

By default when you first press the phone icon from the phone book, it will call the number immediately. I prefer it doesn’t automatically dial the number. This can be changed from the profile setting in the top right corner of the BobRTC window. There are other options I change, like auto muting when I dial the number. Take a look at what options work best for you.

Give it a try and have fun annoying scammers.

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