Internet Vigilantes, Scam Baiting To Protect Us

Scam Baiting

For those who didn’t know, scam baiting is a form of internet vigilantism used towards scammers (the bad guys) who try to take money from us with various scams like IRS impersonation scams, technical support scams, and other frauds. Learn about common scams.

Scambaiters pose as a potential victim to the scammers to waste their time and resources.

Scambaiters will call up known scam phone numbers, using secure methods & tools to protect themselves, while trying to play the role of someone who may be an easy target for these scammers.


YouTube is a good source for viewing what scambaiters do.

There are lots of scambaiters posting videos and each has its own style to the craft.

Most are very entertaining to watch.

Here are some of my favorite scambaiters on YouTube.

Scammer Payback

He was the first scambaiter that I watched on YouTube. He goes by the name of “Pierogi” and he is a scammer’s worst nightmare. His real job is in cybersecurity and he uses his skills to make these scammers pay. Hence his channel name. Scammer Payback

Find more about Scammer Payback…


Kitboga often acts as a number of characters in his videos. All these characters are portrayed to not be computer-savvy so that the scammers believe they can succeed in their scam. Check out Kitboga.

Jim Browning

A legend in the scam baiting community. Jim Browning is most famous for the takedown of a large-scale “technical support scamming operation” in India. Browing was featured in a BBC documentary series Panorama. Don’t skip this one. Jim Browning

Other scambaiters


One of the biggest things these scambaiters want to share is awareness of scams happening every day.

We need to share with others about these scams and how to protect themselves.

When you talk with family and friend, tell them about the scambaiters that are protecting us from scammers. Maybe share a video of your favorite scambaiter.


Although it may look like fun to scam bait yourself, it can be dangerous to engage with a scammer like this.

For your own security and safety, leave this to the professionals who know computer technology and how to protect themselves.

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