Who Is Ben Taylor aka Pleasant Green?

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Ben Taylor has a YouTube Channel called Pleasant Green. He exposes scammers to protect others from falling victim to them. He has a different approach to dealing with these scams. He does scambait to waste the time and resources of the scammer, but he also tries to find out more about the person behind the scam.


One of his first YouTube videos was back in 2014 where he was contacted by a Nigerian scammer and “took revenge” by sending him animal poop.


In 2017 he got a Facebook message, which appeared to be another scam.

“Helo Sir wel my name is Joel from LIberia West Africa. Please I beg you in name of GOD I need some assistance from u. Buiness or financial assistance dat wil help empower me pls.”

Ben took a chance and replied to the message. He offered to not send money but to send a camera and asked him to take pictures of the living conditions in Liberia. This resulted in the small, best-selling photography book, By D Grace of God.


Ben has become a humanitarian and not just a scambaiter. You can tell in his videos, that his goal is to help people. He continues to publish a YouTube video every couple of weeks or so. With 140+ videos & 740K subscribers, I would say that Ben must be doing a good job to have that size of an audience.

Personal Information

  • Real Name: Ben Taylor
  • Aliases: Ben Dover or Benjamin Dover
  • Age: 37 (Born 1984)
  • Height: unknown
  • Weight: unknown
  • Education: Graduated from Weber State University
    • Bachelor’s Degree – Public Relations & Advertising
    • Master’s Degree – Professional Communication
  • Married: Yes
  • Children: Daughter
  • Religion: Mormon
  • Location: Salt Lake City area, Utah
  • Net Worth: estimated to be over $1.63 million
  • Employment: Besides being a YouTuber, he’s also is a Adjunct Professor at Weber State University & Marketing Strategist for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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