Who Is Kitboga aka Granny Edna

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Kitboga is an online streamer that scam baits over the phone. He uses multiple personas to trick the scammers into believing he is someone they can con money from. He has a huge following with 1.89M subscribers on YouTube and 969K subscribers on Twitch.

Kitboga Personas

Definitely not all, but some of the popular ones

  • A grandmother, called Edna OBVI-Edna, Vera, Matilda or Bernice Anders (a Bernie Sanders pun)
  • Daniel, a competing technical support scammer
  • Jeb or Jebediah, a country boy from the deep south
  • Nevaeh (“heaven” spelled backward), a valley girl that can be a little too much at times
  • Vicktor Viktoor, a Russian man who sounds like count Dracula
  • Dixie, a country girl, maybe knows Jeb
  • Brochacho/Chad, this guy has a big attitude

Kitboga uses a voice changer to impersonate his characters.

Kitboga Name

His real name is kept secret for security reasons. He doesn’t reveal his name for privacy, and scammers sometimes threaten revenge when confronting them at the end of his calls.

Some have speculated that his real name is KITchen BOGAsolv, but that doubt there is any truth to that.

Others suggest the name was from the game Age of Empires, where there is an AI named Kitboga. The AI’s strategy was to spam siege weapons, which a troll would do, and Kit thought it was hilarious. https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Mongols

Kitboga Glasses

Known for always wearing sunglasses. He says he started doing it because of anonymity, but now it’s just part of his persona. Even at TwitchCon he doesn’t take them off.


Kitboga Net Worth

Social Blade estimates monthly earnings from YouTube videos to be $2.1K – $33.7K ($25.3K – $404.2K a year). This doesn’t even include Twitch, sponsors, merch, and other earnings. In total, he is making an impressively large chunk of change.

Before he was streaming, Kitboga worked as a software engineer. As a software engineer, his salary must have been close to six figures. But he must have seen better value in fighting against scammers who took advantage of the elderly.

Personal Life

Little is know about Kitboga’s personal life, other than he lives in the state of Maryland (thanks George).

  • Wife – It’s not known if he is single or married
  • Age – Look like the 20s or 30s
  • Height – Looks to be average height
  • Birthplace – Rumored to be Kosovo

Other Information

  • He started scambaiting in 2017 after finding out his grandmother was a victim of several scams.
  • In November 2020, Kitboga was signed by UTA to represent him worldwide, with the goal of expanding the reach of Kitboga’s anti-scam message.
  • Is active in promoting computer science education
  • Has partnered with the STEM organization
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